• 08.12.17 Румыния Бухарест Ассамблея посвященная 95 годовщине Великой Женской Ложи Румынии!
  • Масонство России объединилось!
  • Генеральная Ассамблея Великого Востока Швейцарии в масонском Храме в Женеве
  • Новый Президент CLIPSAS Francois Padovani. 11.11.17 Geneva
  • Интервью Луиджи Прунети - Великого мастера Традиционного итальянского масонского Послушания.
  • Конвент Великой Ложи Италии КАМЕЯ 1958
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Конвент Великого Востока Швейцарии

Grand Orient de Suisse       Grossorient der Schweiz

Grande Oriente di Svizzera          Grand Orient of Switzerland





11.11.2017 Состоится Конвент Великого Востока Швейцарии.

Very Respectable Grand Master
Grand Orient of the Peoples of Russia


The Grand Master Alexandre Rauzy, the Grand Officers of the Grand Orient of Switzerland and myself would be honoured and delighted to welcome you at the closing ceremony of our Convent to be held on:

Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at 14:30

in Geneva

This ceremony will be preceded at 11:30 by welcome drinks and at 12:30 by a banquet.

These events will take place in one single venue, the Masonic Temple, Geneva

Looking forward to welcome you, I send you my most fraternal greetings.


Serge Sobczynski

Grand Chancelor

Post scriptum: please send us your days of arrival and departure. If you are in Geneva on the evenings of November Friday, 10th or/and November Saturday, 11th, let us know if you wish to join us for a friendly and unformal dinner in a restaurant in town.