Приветственное слово Брата Дж∴ С∴ «Gran Loggia Antica Massoneria d’Italia» - Великий Восток Народов России

Приветственное слово Брата Дж∴ С∴ «Gran Loggia Antica Massoneria d’Italia»

On the essence of Freemasonry I have read and listened to many definitions, one of those that has me most impressed I found it in a recently published book on the subject, which textually he quotes: «… Freemasonry is a speculative and philanthropic institution for a purpose initiatory. Non-denominational and apolitical, it refers to the Enlightenment ideals of brotherhood, of equality, of inner perfection, of freedom. School of inner improvement, it historicizes, that is, “laicizes”, the word of Christ, and to this it owes its universality… ”. In the same volume Lessing is mentioned, who says of Freemasonry “… System morality veiled by allegories and illustrated by symbols, is something that even those who know it are not able to explain well… «.
These and others are the very learned sentences of content, on which one may or may not be in agreement, but which are certainly the starting point for more than one reflection. And despite the many difficulties that life offers me to this I try to strive, supplemented by my personal maxim that says: «… I always agree when I have to understand and understand others, almost never when others understand and understand me… ”.


Then I was welcomed into the great Masonic family that something must have added, something that I found very explicit in a publication on the Freemasonry that quotes Masonic maxims as follows: ”… the most important are six and di fact constitute a virtual key to access the philosophy of Freemasonry. That fundamental — think well, say well, do well — summarizes the Masonic morality to which the neophyte it is subject when — Ordo abchao — comes out of the chaos of profane life to seek the light, having in itself — Adhuc stat — the means to purify oneself “in silence and in hope”, with “vigilance and perseverance «, since only in this way will he be able to» know, dare, will and be silent.

Even with the limits of all the secular publications that try to deal with the subject Masonic, it seems to me a brief but significant excursus and the fact of being a Mason. I propose a final comment of mine through the words of Roberto Gervaso who in one of his works, of the widow’s children says: “… His followers seek those meanings and those existential values, refractory to dogmas, which are man’s inalienable heritage. No Brother can follow an exclusively external path: Both must interpenetrate, merge, vindicately enrich oneself. The profound experiences of the children of the Light are not communicable, but they can be shared with all those who have experienced them… alone through initiation, the essence of life is grasped, that is, its sacredness, which is independent of any official faith, while respecting them all. But sacredness, by its very nature, rejects jargon profane. His is a symbolic language which, using allegories and analogies, acquires, assimilates and explains the esoteric, intimate and secret experience (as much more intimate and secret as more pregnant and painful). Here then is the squadra, a tool for verifying universal harmony.


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